Creating an Amazing Experience

Some companies talk about their values. At Fairway Bellevue, we live them day in and day out. Among them is, “Creating an Amazing Experience.”

Most businesses talk about core values. At Fairway, we live them.

They are not just shiny PR words. They are our foundation. They are what guides how our entire staff conducts business. And, they are what make this place a pretty darn great place to be.

Our core values are made up of 10 different, but intricately connected, principles. Each is unique. Each makes our family that much stronger.

Among our 10 core values is, “Creating an Amazing Experience.” This speaks directly to our commitment to always providing the best service possible.

With this value, our corporate office makes this promise to each Fairway employee:

From the day you walk through the door as a new employee, it’s the goal of Fairway’s corporate team to provide you smooth and seamless transition. This smooth transition also applies to your team, your customers and your business contacts. We’re dedicated to creating an amazing experience every single day you are with Fairway.

This, in turn, results in a similar promise we make to each of our clients. From the day we first speak with you, it is our goal to make the lending process as smooth and clear as possible. We know applying for and securing a loan can be a nerve wracking and sometimes confusing experience.

That is why we focus on clear communication. That is why we always answer your questions and discuss your goals from day one.

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