3 Ways to Make Moving Easy

You have the keys to your new home. Are you ready to paint the walls, host a housewarming party, and lounge for days? Great! But first, you have to move…

We’re not going to lie. Moving is never a breeze. But, it doesn’t have to be a back-thrown-out, truck-broken-down headache either. With the right approach, you can make this move your easiest one yet!


Hire a Professional for the Big Stuff

Saving a bit of coin can seem like a good idea, until you consider the dinged doors, scratched walls, and sore back you’ll have to show for it. Professional movers are professionals for several reasons:

  • They have experience. Moving is their job. They know how to fit items around corners and through door frames.
  • They have the tools to make the job easier. Good moving companies have soft blankets designed for covering sharp corners to ensure your home and your stuff is protected.
  • They have trucks. Sometimes carrying capacity is one of the biggest hurdles. Good moving companies have rigs big enough to move your items on hand for just such an occasion.


Host a Moving Party

What’s one thing that makes an un-enjoyable task more fun? Friends, of course! Host a moving party. Tell your friends when and where you’d like them to be. Bribe them with a healthy dose of post-moving pizza and cocktails. Just make sure you have all your boxes packed before your helpers arrive.


Pack Key Kitchen Items Last & Put Them in a Well Labeled Box

Eating takeout gets old and expensive after awhile. Keep your key kitchen utensils out until the last and pack them where they can easily be accessed. It’s not uncommon for some boxes to go untouched for months after you move.

But before you can move into your new home, you have to buy it. If you’re ready to move forward, I look forward to hearing from you.


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